B.B King Magazine spread

B.B King was one of the most influential blues musicians of all time and is widely accepted as King of the Blues. The magazine spread I created discusses how King got his start in music as well as influences and more.

For visuals, the circle on the front cover not only gives greater emphasis that King is the center of this interview, but the people in the other circles emphasize who influenced King and who King influenced. There is also imagery that highlights that King was a guitar player. This includes his guitar ‘Lucille’ and the lines with circles represent guitar strings. The heavy use of guitar imagery signifies how important King's guitar skills and his impact on today's artists.

B.B front cover.gif
B.B pages 1-2.gif
B.B pages 3-4.gif
B.B pages 5-6.gif
B.B pages 7-8.gif
B.B King back cover.gif