The boutique hotel

The Boutique Hotel, which is a hotel located in Boston, MA, is a personal branding project that I created. The hotel itself is very classy and its target audience is the upper class. The overall goal is to have a modern look and feel with vintage fonts, shapes, and backgrounds. The address of the Boutique Hotel logo is put in gold lettering and is a combination of the Edwardian and Book Antique fonts. Lastly, it is placed on a vintage shape, black to gray gradient background to give off the look and feel of the classiness of the hotel. The Edwardian Era is named after King Edward VII of England, who is the successor to Queen Victoria.

branding, logo design

T.B.H top brand logo.png
225 stationary test.png
225 bottom stationary.png
225 Business Card and Coffee Cup Mockup.png
225 stationary mock 1 copy.png

door hangers

For the door hangers, I used an Edwarian style pattern and Edwarian style text on a modern background to show a mixture of an antique and modern feel for the Boutique Hotel.

225 Door Hanger 1.png
225 Door Hanger 2.png
225 Cosmetics Packaging MockUp.png


I chose the Edwardian font as it is vintage and it supports the overall brand feel of modern with vintage. The Book Antiqua font was used as it is modern and readable and gives a nice touch to the logo lettering.

225 fonts.png

color palette

I chose the color gold because it matches the overall feel of the brand which is warm and inviting. The white circles and gradient background are used to compliment the gold lettering.

225 golden square.png