Rainbow Cone

Rainbow Cone is an ice cream parlor created by Joseph Sapp in Ohio in 1926 which eventually moved to Chicago where it grew as a company. Rainbow Cone sells many ice cream treats, but its main treat is the "Rainbow Cone" which consists of five flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Palmer House (cherry ice cream), Pistachio and Orange Sherbet. My reason for redesigning the logo is to make it look figurative and younger so that it is more relevant to today's audience. I wanted to give the entire brand a modern look because even though its been around for over 90 years, it's still going strong.

branding, event signage, logo design

Top Page Rainbow Cone logo.png
Rainbow Cone menus final dupe 2.png
Rainbow Cone store front 1 take 2 redone.png
R.C ice cream box mock up.png

Ice Cream cone inspiration

After multiple sketches, the sketch with the four out of the five flavors in the cone and the melted chocolate on the cone was selected. The cherry, pistachio, strawberry, and orange were literally in the cone to figuratively represent scoops of ice cream. While the chocolate is a literal scoop of ice cream in the actual Rainbow Cone ice cream treat, for the final logo, the chocolate was melted on the cone for a nice added effect.

Sketch logos L.R 3.jpg
Sketch logos L.R 1.jpg